My name is Mindy, and I'm the writer behind this blog.  Most of my time is spent juggling my schedule as a homemaker and mother of twins.  In between it all, I love letting my creativity run loose.

My mom taught me to bake, cook, and sew when I was growing up.  Really, I feel like creativity has always been a part of my life.  My mom had a craft closet outside her bedroom in the house I grew up in, and she let me have free reign of the supplies to create to my heart's delight.  Admittedly, most of my early projects were dreadful, but I think the freedom to create as a I wanted really sparked something inside of me.

I took a long break from sewing between high school and having my girls, but now that I've come back to it, I feel like I've found my true craft love.  I sew on an old-school Kenmore machine my mother is letting me borrow until I have enough room for my (even older) cabinet-style Kenmore from my grandmother.  Maybe someday I'll get a newer model, but for now, I know these machines well and haven't found anything I want to sew that I haven't been able to.

I also love cooking and baking because that means eating good food.  (It's easily my husband's favorite out of all of my hobbies.)  I enjoy trying out new recipes and sharing ones that work well and are favorites with our family and friends.  Hopefully you'll find some good ones you enjoy or share some of your own with me!

Someday, I might go back to being a high school English teacher, but for now, I'm loving being a wife, mom, crafter, and now blogger.  I'm working on finding joy and gratitude in each day and learning to live the full life.  I hope you find the joy in each day, too.